Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Green Eggs and Ham

We had a fun filled St. Patrick's day. The day started with the cooking of our green eggs. Yes, the shells of the eggs were a tint of green. They were farm fresh eggs bought from a friend. (gotta love the country).

We then proceeded to the classroom where Nico made his own green eggs with rhyming words. He also drew his own leprechaun (because no one has seen one he was able to draw what he things one looks like).
Anyone for green eggs and rhymes!
Silly me, the one with a 1/4 of Irish in me, didn't wear green, but I dressed my 100% Guatemalan boys in green! I told Nico, everyone is Irish on St. Patrick's Day.

These boys melt my heart (yes, Luca has a helicopter in his hand..he is very into them already too)

The weather was FABULOUS! A beautiful 78 degrees. We spent a lot of time playing outside and I went snap crazy with the camera, here are only just a few.

Tree climber

Fun new ways to catch a ball.... too funny...he picked up the drain hose and entertained us with fun ways to try to catch a ball.

Praise to the sun god, also to the ball god, I love ya man, you make my day!

Michael decided to build a bonfire and had dragged a bunch of old boards, wood, and doors out. Nico helped by dragging out this huge board. However, Nico was going to first use it as a ramp. Daddy turned it into science fun (although Nico didn't realize it), by making their own teeter-totter! How fun is that! (Just look below)
Pure JOY!
To end the day, I was looking back through my pictures and decided my shaggy little Luca needed a hair trimming. I decided to trim the front and sides of his hair on my own. It didn't turn out too badly. I still couldn't bring myself to cut the curls in the back. I think he looks adorable.


After (Do they get any cuter!!!!)


Kelly said...

Wow, great job on the haircut. It looks so much better. You are right, can he get any cuter???

Melissa said...

Awww :-) I love all the pictures!! You did a goob job on the haircut!! Maybe you can do mine lol. John is meeting with me today to discuss moving back to weekends. I can't wait to work with you again!