Saturday, February 28, 2009

Fun at home

Brotherly love! (My oldest and my youngest)

There has not been a whole lot going on here. I can't believe February is over and onto March. I am excited though, I heard the frogs Thursday night when it was 60 degrees outside. Unfortunately it was short lived as there were snow flurries today....ugh...come on spring.
Luca turned 21 months old on Feb. 23. Where is the time going. He can now point to nose, eye, ear, and show us his teeth. He also says 'eye' when he points to(in) your or his eye. He says 'hello' so cute! and Hi. I was busy cleaning the house the other day and turned around where Luca was playing with blocks...he had 9 stacked up and was adding number 10 when it fell over. I stopped what I was doing to clap and go watch him build some more. He is so proud of himself when you praise him. He gets the biggest grin and performs some more. Yesterday he had bumble ball type thing from a game we had that he figured out how to turn on. He would let it on the floor and it would bounce all around and roll across the floor. I loved watching him chase it around. He then decided he needed to make it stand still (without turning it off). I watched as he put it in a little wagon from the blocks and tried to lay the blocks around this rolling, vibrating ball to get it to stop rolling away. It was great how he placed the blocks all around this thing! I am so excited he is 'trouble shooting' things already. I think I have another smarty pants in my house.

He also now signs 'milk' which looks more like he is dancing, 'apple', and 'orange'. My mom seems to be upset that he "doesn't talk but just makes hand signals"...ugh, mom, that is communicating. He does have a lot of words he says too for only being in the US for six months. We are working on pointing to pictures and saying names for what they are. He makes the sound for horse now...a really cute, 'neigh'.

Nico is anxiously awaiting his "Gotcha Day" coming up on March 11. 6 Years!!! he will be home with us. I am going to buy him a little gift, go to dinner at a place of his choosing, and we are going to watch his coming home video. It always makes me cry. Oh yeah, loose tooth number 4 fell out (or he pulled it out). He has pulled all his own teeth out. So brave of him. My baby is growing up. He is still so adorably cute. I just can't believe this little boy is mine. I get so many compliments on them when we are out in public.

Brian is doing well. A typical teen; after lessons he is on the phone or the computer. I can't wait for the warm weather to do our lessons outside! He is filling out job applications hoping to land a part time job. He will be 17 in a month! I had to call Luthern Family Services the other day for some information (they completed my homestudy for Luca). I ended up talking to the woman who did the homestudy for Brian (she worked at Catholic Charities at the time). It was so funny!

Below are some random pictures of some fun we have been having.

The dreaded 4th loose tooth sticking out of his mouth. We couldn't wait for it to come out.

Luca loves giving the dog and cats kisses. Petey was giving Luca kisses, but I couldn't quite capture the picture. Luca is doing so good feeding himself with utensils (and his hands). He loves homemade icecream (well, any kind of icecream, but this batch of homemade was really yummy!
Head of curls! Luca's curls are getting tighter as his hair grows. Folks keep telling me it will be curlier if I keep it short. I don't know it is pretty darn curly. Here he is after a bath with his hair wet. I just love putting my fingers in his curls. No hair cut yet!!!


Pineapple Princess said...

That first picture melts my heart!

Your sons are so handsome!

Joshua said...

Beautiful pics!!! Your boys are so handsome!! Love the curls:) My son has straight hair and I have a hard time cutting it:) I know what you mean;) So great that Lica is doing so good. Joshua goes to speech therapy and yes, it is communicating. It is a pre-curser to language. Six months and saying all those words is fantastic, he will catch up by the time he is three:)

Sig said...

Wonderful pics. LOVE those curls! My Guatetot has stick straight hair.

Gail said...

I love the curls!!! Why do the boys get those. Johanna's hair is very straight. Yes, the language will come. He hasn't been home long and heard Spanish for so long. It's great that he has some way to communicate.