Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Embassy Appt. A Success!

We made it through the Embassy appointment. I was up most of the night afraid I would over sleep or miss my wake up call. Luca is napping now. I lay there for an hour and dozed off briefly but there is still much running through my mind. Tomorrow I will get the Visa at 3:30pm and then we have to catch our plan early Thursday. I will be so much more relieved once I get on that plane heading to St. Louis. Once I get home I will probably collapse!

I tried posting pictures here, but it is not being nice today. I'll post when I get home.

There were over 20 families there today! The facilitator said that is the most in a long time. I pray for all the other waiting families to get their baby's home soon!


Gail said...

Glad the appt. went well. I am looking forward to pictures.

Cheri (prounounced like the tree, like the fruit, as in Cherry Pie) said...

Hope y'all are on Missouri ground and getting in the groove of "family life!" Cheri