Sunday, August 24, 2008

Adjusting Well

Things are going well here. Luca is adjusting well. He is sleeping through the night, from 8pm to about 7:30am (give or take a half hour). It works for me!!! He does not know what a nap is, unless he is laying down with me or in his car seat. He is always in such good spirits I have a hard time pushing for the naps right now. But will start on that soon, as homeschooling kicks in full force on September 2. Although he has been hanging out with us now while we do lessons, it just interrupts our flow at times, but we are all adjusting well. Nico and Brian love him and Luca responds well to them.

He is starting to play and interact with us more. He is really starting to show his personality. He will do something, like tonight, banging on his high chair, and then start laughing. He knows he is being a stinker when he turns off the TV and then runs away laughing. It is hard not to laugh at him, but he is so darn cute.

We are constantly saying NO - but doesn't seem to affect him, he still hits those buttons and investigates all he can. He is a BUSY little boy....but a joy! I watched him for 5 mintues trying to put a tinker toy rod into a tinker toy wheel hole. He figured it out and was OH SO PROUD OF HIMSELF. He imitates OH NO and will drop things just to put his hands up to his head. He doesn't yet say oh no, but makes the gestures. He says MAMA and DADA appropriately.

He is quite demanding and must have been given anything he wanted. I am working on getting him to 'ask nicely' for more food, instead of screaming for it.

What a joy my boys are. I can't believe I am down to only two more months off of work!

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