Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Upcoming trip

Well our trip is quickly approaching. I was contacted today by my agency about visiting PGN with her. She is going to be in Guatemala the same week as we are and has asked if I want to go with her to see if we can find out any information. I am so excited to be asked to go there.

I am glad to have Brian and Nico with me as they can stay at the hotel with the baby while we go. I was also told that I can ask the Foster Mother to come back one day and 'babysit' the baby while I take the other two out site seeing. Phew--- I was worried about not seeing anything while we were there. The FM can definitely be trusted and worth every penny to pay her for her time. She has definitely taken wonderful care of him so far.

So today is a better day for me, although I am still very worried about what is going on over there and the wait we have ahead of us; I thought he would be home by now. I am thankful we are with a country we can at least visit our baby and spend time with him during the process.

Nico is counting down (okay, so am I)---only 5 more days until we leave.

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Auntie G said...

The trip sounds wonderful!!!