Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Another Visit

Here we are in Guatemala. The boys are just loving Luca. They have been so helpful. I just wonder how long it will last. Luca is a charmer. He is so smart. He imitates quickly. He took his first steps without holding onto anyone or anything. I was soooo excited, I got it on video. The foster mom had said he was still holding onto things. He doesn't walk all the time on his own, but definitely 5 steps in a row at times. He eats well, laughs, loves the pool, and loves to pick on Nico. It is so funny. He'll look like he is giving Nico a kiss and then head butt him and laughs (Luca laughs). He says 'mama' and comes to me; whether he calls all women mama or knows I am mama from the FM showing him pictures, I don't know, but...I'll take the later :-)

We are dreading leaving on Friday. Tomorrow we will have his birthday. We have met many families here and some are coming to his party. We will have great pictures for his scrapbook.

Still no word on when cases will be released from PGN. It is very frustrating. I wish we would get out while we are here. Then onto the BC. I have some contacts on a way to get Luca's BC quicker -- maybe. We'll see what happens. We want him home so bad. He is on a schedule and we want to keep it. He sleeps through the night until 530 or 630, takes another bottle, then back to sleep until 730 or 800. Someone is looking out for me -- all these good late sleeping babies I have.

Well, off to spend time with the older two while Luca is sleeping.

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