Thursday, May 8, 2008

My heart is breaking!

We need many prayers for the children in Guatemala.

The PGN has decided they are going to reinterview all the birthmothers. All cases are on hold until the interview the BM and the attorneys. The word is they are taking the BM's behind closed doors and interviewing them or 'coercing' them to change their minds. It is awful for these BM's to go through this. The BM can change her mind throughout the whole process and still has to sign off at the end of PGN anyway....but they are putting these women through another interview that is illegal in the grandfathered cases.

I am anxious to see my little one in 10 days, but so worried about what is happening. It will be horrible for the boys and me to meet him, spend time with him, celebrate, and then have him taken from us if his BM is talked into changing her mind. While I don't want any baby taken from his/her BM, if the BM knows the child will have a better life, she needs that option and not made to feel guilty for that decision.

As you all know, these children are so special, smart, and loving. They all need supportive families and the chance to grow into healthy adults with a lot to offer society no matter where they are. Pray that these poor mothers don't have to go through too much turmoil and these children get home to their forever families soon.

I can't stop the tears. I want my little man home with us!!!

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Juliette said...

Oh Debbie!
I'm so sorry that you, your family, the little man, and his BM are going through this. You know our hearts are with you. Let us know if you need anything.