Thursday, January 31, 2008

We are in Central Authority

Well, word is our form was turned into the Central Authority on January 25, 2008. There is an 8 day (working days) wait to get approval, then onto PGN. This is awesome...however, there is some discrepancy on the forms. It seems there are two different forms and no one is sure which is the correct form. So, it may get kicked out if the wrong form is used. We'll see. I will be there next week when we are due to get our approval in CA. Hopefully I'll hear good news while I am there visiting my sweet angel.

I cannot wait to hold this guy and snuggle up with him. I am looking forward to every minute we are together. I joked with the boys that every time I change his diaper I am changing his outfit! I bought lots, but they are all so cute. He deserves new things too. So, there will be lots and lots of pictures! I will set up to take some of us together.

I'll post when I know more.

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