Friday, January 4, 2008

1 month until visit!!!

Nico and I had fun today going shopping for some new clothes, pj's, onsies, bottles, and blankets for the baby. I even found them matching or close to matching Spiderman pj's. I can see the picture already. (Brian might hurt me if I try to get him in Spidey Pj's to take one of all 3 of them together - that would be great).

One month from today I will be traveling through Houston to meet my son at 4pm on February 4th!

I am checking my emails several times a day for Pre-approval and new pictures this month.

I had to change hotels as the lawyer in Guatemala said she does not like the Raddison because it is not secure enough. I immediately searched for her recommendations and found the beautiful Hotel Vista Real. I have heard very good things about it from others that stayed there. Of course, I will have lots and lots of pictures - you all know me. I have decided to make a mini scrapbook album on my visit with him.

On the video they are calling him Miguelito (little Mike), so Jose will be taken out of his name and making it just Luca Austin once he arrives home. I was informed he doesn't use a pacifier - good. They are not prone to sticking them in their babies mouths as we are in the US. I don't know if he is a thumbsucker like his big brother, Nico, but that is okay. Nico has always been a content little guy.

I'll post and send pics as they arrive.

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