Saturday, October 17, 2009

Photos of the trip

Here are just a few of the photos from our trip to Florida. I took over 500 pictures. I can't wait to have the time to scrapbook them. Luca and mom posing at Barkley Lake in KY. We stopped here our last night before getting home. A huge storm came through that night really rocking the RV. We woke up and found trees down around us and many RV's that are there permanently through the year had their awnings ripped off.

Mike posing with the boys or should I say the boys posing with Mike.

A beautiful butterfly I had to get a photo of. He sat there drinking pollen while I took about 5 macro pictures of him.

Mike, Nico, Luca, and Mom posing at Animal Kingdom. This is my favorite park. I love the animals and the rides here the best. Brian did not go with us the last day. He was beat from all the walking the previous 5 days.

My sister, Sandi, Nico, and me again at Animal Kingdom.

Most nights we ate at the RV but we had two scheduled out dinner nights with Sandi and Flori. This one was at the campground called "The Hoop-De-Doo Review". It was fabulous. The food was all you could eat, ribs, chicken, salad, cornbread, dessert, and drinks (We had beer as it was too expensive to buy beer at the campground or park, - $5.25 a 12 oz can!!!).
The waitress plopped this bucket of chicken down in front of Luca. He jumped and stared in awe. Then he dug right in, grabbing him some chicken.

My sister made this trip so special for us. She goes several times a year so this was a treat for us to meet them out there. They stayed in a hotel and we drove and camped. It also happened to be right after Nico's 8th birthday and right at Brian's 17th Gothca Day. For Nico, my sister had a special time set up for him to get his face painted like a pirate. He chose the cursed pirate. It turned out so cute and he had so much fun being piratey the rest of the day. Luca had fallen asleep while it was being done. He woke up, saw Nico like this and pretty much laughed. He wasn't phased.

Sandi also made this cute shirt for him to wear on this special day. It is sooo cute and went great with the face painting.

Luca was a ham with all the characters. He was leary of Stitch, but after that, there was not one he wouldn't go up to. These two were his absolute favorite. He did not want to leave these guys. He was sitting here with them and the bear kept tickling his face. He was giggling and just loving it. It is funny because Luca has really only seen a few of the movies so I figured he would not want to have photos taken. He surprised me. Especially since they are soooo much bigger than he is.

Luca and Bubee (as Luca calls him) in front of the Nemo ("Meo" as Luca calls it) display.

Luca loves to dance!!! Here he is dancing in the street to the celebration parade.

Nico watching the parade. I love these little boys faces!

Luca watching teh parade.

Is he excited about driving that car? Nico didn't even want to do on the cars, but look how much fun he had.

Here is the whole group with Stitch. Sorry Flori's eyes are closed, but in every photo someone is either looking away or looking goofy. My sister made these shirts for us. On the back it says, "Has anyone seen my family". We had three days where we wore matching shirts. One day was tye-dye, one the black shirts, and one day we had green shirts with our names on the front and a disney design.

Meeting our first character....MIKE! Luca couldn't wait to run up to him. He has watched this video ALOT in the van driving back and forth from St. Louis to home.

A cute photo on Luca and daddy on Tye-dye day. I think we were on the behind the scenes ride at Disney Hollywood.

This was on the beginning of our trip. We stopped at Vetern's Memorial State Park in GA. The campsite was beautiful. We were right on the water. The boys were skipping rocks and having a good ol' time. Then I saw this sign....that put an end to being too near the water.
Our trip was wonderful!!! It will be one that lives on in our memories for many years to come. I love vacationing with my extended family. RVing also brought back a lot of memories of my childhood. Mike did a great job driving and got us everywhere safely. I drove briefly and it makes me nervous with all those big trucks zipping by on the highway.
I love my family!


vaneblu said...

ohhh wow that looks like you guys had a LOT of fun :)
Beautiful pics as usual ;)

Joshua's blog and his mom Angie said...

The pics of the Lake are beautitful!! The shy there is gorgeous!!! I love my RV!! We are heading out later to winterize it. It's in a permanent spot this year two and a half hours away. We will probably stay the weekend. My Bethany will just have to rest on the sofa while we pack up:) Your boys are growing by leaps and bounds! What a great looking family you have!