Sunday, October 16, 2011

Survived the Wedding and Life is Good

The wedding went well, except for my $15 of music that did not get played while the guests were arriving. I was a little bugged about that because we had the music at rehersal but they wouldn't play it on their sound system. We had to play it on our player. Thus, the day of the big event, the music would not play. The start of the ceremony was delayed about 15 minutes because they had to copy the processional and wedding march songs onto another CD.

It was a hot July day, but actually the coolest of all the days of July. Once again, I picked the perfect day!

Mike and the boys looked so handsome! The girls all looked beautiful and I felt like a princess! I love my dress and wish I could wear it any ol' time. I have had it cleaned and boxed for a future woman to wear. Maybe one of my future daughters-in-law, who knows.

Life is going on just as before, no new changes except for the rings on our fingers. Life is good. I couldn't be any happier!

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Jen said...


So glad to hear the wedding went well and life is going along as usual once more.

Hope our paths cross sometime soon!

Jen Meehan