Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Coming Together

The wedding plans are starting to unfold now. Now that we have a date it is more encouraging to get moving. We have decided to look at a hall for the reception instead of the backyard. July in MO can be pretty awful and I was starting to fret about preparing and not being there in the morning. So, the boys had their dance recital and the Knights of Columbus Hall. I was surprised at how nice it was so I called to see how much it cost. I was pleasantly surprised!!! Mike did not get to go to the recital so we are going Sunday to look at it together and take some pictures of it to think about decorations. We are looking at tuxes on Friday.

We have selected our first dance and I have come up with some other great ideas. Most will be kept a secret until the big day. I am trying to make this wedding as different from my first as possible.

Other than that we have been busy with school, work, and preparing for Christmas. We had a nice little snow this week which brought us all outside with a new sled! It was heaps of fun. However, tonight it was freezing rain...ugh!!! Mike is at work so I hope he gets home safely tomorrow morning.

The chickens are doing great and keeping warm. They don't really have much desire to get out in the cold. It's a good thing because today I saw a coyote in the field as we were driving in. He was beautiful, but I don't want him eating my chickens.
here are the girls and two guys keeping warm. We got one rooster (the big white leghorn) from a friend and then it turns out one of the Rhode Island Reds is a rooster. I don't mind I love the sound of my roosters as long as they get along and aren't mean to us. We handle them as much as we can when they are young. I never thought I would have such a fondness for chickens, but they are great!!!!
I just had to add a picture of my handsome Nico. He is growing up so fast!!! Please someone stop time!!! He is such a charmer and a sweet, loving boy. He is truly a dream come true for me. My life is so full and perfect!!!


Jen said...


So good to hear such good news from your neck of the woods!

Have a Merry Christmas!


vaneblu said...

I love this post, so warm and happy!!!!
Hope you had a great new years eve and Happy New Year you have lots to look forward to in this new year!