Monday, June 7, 2010

Pay It Forward

Kelly over at Kelly's Korner has a McLinky up on Random Acts of Kindness.

I wanted to link my Pay it Forward expereince to this.

Saturday we had a wonderful 'Pay it Forward' experience. I had just donated some money that morning to the relief funds for Guatemala. They were hit hard with a volcano eruption then a tropical storm with mudslides and flooding. Families lost what very little they had many including their whole home.

A few hours later we went to an auction in town. We were browsing the items on the trailers when Nico spotted a tackle box. He kept admiring it and all its contents asking us, "Can we bid on it?" We told him we would when they got down to it. About 45 minutes they got to that trailer. The whole time Nico had be 'guarding' and admiring the tackle box. The bidding started and we capped out at $20. The bidding for this tackle box kept going. When the final bid was done, the man who won it said, "Pass that box over to that little boy." (meaning Nico). He must have been watching Nico admiring that tackle box the whole time. We have no idea who this man is but Nico went over to him and gave him a hug and a thank you. Never would I have expected someone I have never met to give something like that to my son.

The rest of the week Nico has been trying to think of a way to Pay it Forward. He donated his $1 he earned for getting an A on a test to the kidney foundation outside the grocery store instead of buying a toy.



Debby, What a wonderful, beautiful post. I have cried reading it. What a blessing for a stranger to give him this gift, and what a special little man you have for donating his $1. You must be a very proud Momma.

I finally thought it was time to post a pic of myself lol. Blessings,

vaneblu said...

What a nice gesture!
Nico is growing up to become such a gentlemen!

Jen said...


Great story... and what an awesome experience for Nico, that the world really is full of so much goodness, even while we need to be aware that dangers sometimes lurk.

Love the dance videos too!