Thursday, May 6, 2010

Our Life in Pictures

This is a post of pictures and the happenings of the last month or so. I can't believe it but Brian turned 18 in March. This picture was from November, but you get the idea of how he has changed. He now has his own car. It scares me to think of him driving around on his own, but he seems to have matured a bit with the added responsibility of driving. I pray he keeps his head about him and doesn't do anything stupid like hot-rodding, drinking and driving, drugs, acting cool. You get the point.

This is Brian at 3 months of age. We had no idea of the obstacles we/he would face. He was always so strong willed. He gave it his all. I wish he still had that motivation. He seems to give up a lot as he got older. He is so smart and funny. People really enjoy him when they meet him. He is very social and loving. I can't imagine my life without this special boy.

Our homeschool coop is getting ready to wrap up our 'structured' learning classes. We will be switching to park days for the summer. We have been studying the states all year. This is a picture of our study of Hawaii. We learned many fact about Hawaii, set off a volcano, and had a luau. The kids were adorable and had fun wearing their bright colors.

Here are the boys Easter Day. It turned out to be such a warm beautiful day. For once we had an Easter with no rain.

Luca smelling the flowers.

This is our rooster Devestator. Unfortunately he is no longer with us. We think the buffalo gnats got him, however, we are not sure. The hens all seem fine. We do not know how old he was since we got him from another family. He may have died of other complications. I really miss his crowing throughout the day. We have 15 new chickens so we are hoping one is a rooster.
Mike had 2 large piles of dirt delivered to the house. The boys had a couple of fun days playing in the dirt before it was all moved around.
Luca especially had a blast on the dirt.

Nico and Luca have fun feeding the chicks by hand. We purchased 10 chicks that are growing up together. I never knew that chickens could be so affectionate. We have handled them since we got them (at 5 days of age). They still like to come right up to you and let you hold them. We are hoping we can introduce them to the 5 remaining big hens without any problem.

Last week we purchased 5 Americauna chicks. They are suppose to lay bluish/greenish eggs. They are so adorably cute. They have these little round heads and big eyes. (just like Nico here).


vaneblu said...

Chicks are my favorite animals :) SO CUTE!

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Happy Mothers Day!

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Let me know if you liked them if you do try them out :)